Foundational Elements Checklist
Have You Optimized Your Business’s Online Footprint?

1. Is your website not only pleasing to look at but optimized for search engine optimization (SEO)? Does it properly articulate your key differentiators? Is the site secure? Do you have a pop-up modal to proactively request emails? Are all the backend SEO settings properly setup (Re: Meta Keywords, Title Tags, etc..)
2. Do you have a high-quality professional handling your Search Engine Optimization each month? Are the results they promise guaranteed from month one or you get your money back? Are you capturing traffic from several page one ranked Key Words? Are you paying a reasonable price?
3. Do you have an automated marketing platform to respond to website visitors that share their email addresses? Do you have an automated welcome email? Do you have a series of automated emails that continue to communicate with prospective customers on why they should be doing business with you? When you capture a prospect’s email
do you know what they are interested in? Do you know if people are opening your emails and clicking on links in them? Do you automatically score each prospect, so you know who to really focus your energies on?
4. Do you have a very consistent, well thought out weekly Facebook strategy? Remember, whether you use it or not,1.4 billion people do, and social media is where people spend most of their time on the internet.
5. Are you posting new compelling content to your website each month, like Blogs, to give people a reason to come back regularly? Do you have instructional or trending info type videos posted on your website? Are those videos posted on your YouTube Channel? Millions of people daily go to YouTube to get information about things they’re interested
in buying or doing. They should find you there offering to help them!
6. Are you proactively gathering data from your website with Google Analytics? Remember “DATA is GOLD”! Do you take time monthly to analyze that data? Do you understand how your customers interact with your website? Do you know what your site’s “Backdoor” is? Do you know where your site visitors are coming from? Are you analyzing your
advertising efforts through Google Analytics?
These “Foundational Elements” are the most cost-effective digital marketing you can do. Plus, they optimize the effectiveness of every ad dollar you spend, traditional or digital. Before you spend $1on any form of advertising, we strongly recommend that you have fully optimized your “Digital Footprint” through properly implementing  each of
these “Foundational Elements”