In case you missed it, here are just a few of the very important factors Google has been talking about that are essential for your company to be focusing on:

  1. If you’ve been hearing a lot about SSL Certificates lately, there’s a reason. Beginning July 1, 2018, Google Chrome is changing how they display websites without them. If your URL doesn’t show an HTTPS prior to the WWW then you need an SSL Certificate.
  2. In October 2017 Google began to have an official bias against websites without SSL Certificates. If your site doesn’t have this, just call your website manager or your website hosting company. It’s inexpensive to accomplish this.
  3. Slow page speed is absolutely chasing away potential customers according to numerous research studies by Google. Recently Google stated that even a 1-second delay beyond a 3-second mobile page load time can negatively impact mobile conversions by up to 20%. The average mobile page load time for local companies website is over 13 seconds….OUCH!
  4. The local search world is changing! “Near Me” searches are dominating local business searches. Particularly with voice search from Siri, Alexa, and others becoming a fast-growing factor. Google is preaching to companies that they must have a process to capture these very specific and often lengthy searches where people want to find what they are looking for very close to them.
  5. It used to be that your website visitors only compared your website experience to your competition. In 2018 that is no longer the case. Consumers now compare their experience on your website to the best they’ve had on the internet. A Google research piece just discussed that “As a consumer, I don’t care whether you’re marketing to me from a brand, regional, or retailer level. I only know and recognize one brand. A poor experience at any point in the journey is a poor experience for your brand.” Your website is very often the first step in a customer’s journey with your company. Are you confident that it meets up to your potential customer’s expectations?

I hope this information has reminded you of something important in your online footprint that needs your immediate attention. If your current digital marketing advisor doesn’t seem to be able to help you, we look forward to the opportunity to listen to your concerns.