“Core Online Elements Checklist” For Small To Medium-Sized Business Marketing Success in 2023

“Core Online Elements Checklist” For Small To Medium-Sized Business Marketing Success in 2023

Increase Your Small To Medium-Sized Business’s Profitability With iCommotion’s Exclusive “Core Online Elements Checklist”!


iCommotion Digital Advisory Services’ core philosophy is built upon optimizing your online presence to deliver more qualified customers to your business. Before you spend any advertising dollars, either digitally or traditionally, we strongly recommend putting in place the following “Core Online Elements:”



A. Is your website not only pleasing to look at but also optimized for conversions, mobile responsiveness, and fast page load speed? Is your content updated regularly and written with both the readers and SEO in mind? Are you posting at least two blogs monthly?

B. Does it properly articulate your key differentiators with a consistent BRAND MESSAGE?

C. Is it easy to navigate

D. Is the site secure (SSL CERTIFICATE)?

E. Do you have a contact form on each page plus a Contact Us page? When a form is filled out is it followed with a Thank You page?

F. Is your site set up to communicate automatically with search engines of all types and sizes so they can easily see why they should send new customers to you? Are your Meta Tags professionally written to match each page’s content? Is your website gain organic search traffic through professional, cost-effective SEO?

G. Does your website have a pop-up form to invite potential customers to sign up for marketing emails?

H. Are you adding new blogs to your website monthly and

posting about them on social channels?


A. Do you have an automated marketing platform? Are you sending promotional emails to customers and potential customers?

B. Do you have an automated welcome email or text that is followed by a nurture sequence?  


A. Do you have an inexpensive yet highly effective process to maximize your presence on the internet?

B. Can you constantly expose potential customers to your newest promotions in major search engines?

C. In real-time can you see how well you’re being found on the internet across dozens of search engines?

D. Can you see how well potential customers are responding to what you post on the internet?

4. Social Media Marketing:

A. Do you have a very consistent, well-thought-out weekly Facebook posting strategy that is Brand Compliant? Do you follow Facebook’s business page posting algorithm to maximize post reach and engagement? Remember, whether you use it or not,1.4 billion people do, and social media is where people spend most of their time on the internet.

B. Can you quickly and easily post on Facebook while posting across the internet?

C. Are you sharing your social posts on your Google Business Profile?

D. Have you considered using other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter?

5. Reviews:

A. Do you have a simple way to monitor all the reviews posted about your business on the internet?

B. Are you responding to the 1 and 2 Star reviews to create satisfied customers that will upgrade the review they gave you?

C. Are your reviews listed both on important platforms like Google and prominently on your website? Please don’t hide your reviews on private review sites no one regularly goes to.

D. Can you easily manage your review generation process so you can post them where they can be seen most and search engines we see and use them?

E. Are your best reviews (4 & 5 Star) automatically posted to a Review page on your website?


A. Are you set up on a dashboard that analyzes all facets of your website traffic in real time and is integrated with Google? Remember “DATA is GOLD”!

B. Do you understand how your customers interact with your website?

These “Foundational Elements” are the most cost-effective digital marketing you can do. Plus, they optimize the effectiveness of every ad dollar you spend, traditional or digital. Before you spend $1 on any form of advertising, we strongly recommend that you have fully optimized your “Digital Footprint” by properly implementing each of these “Foundational Elements”. If you’d be interested in discussing how well your digital footprint stands up to our “Core Elements Checklist”, contact us today. Or you can implement our proprietary Core Online Elements Checklist” For Small To Medium-Sized Business Marketing Success yourself if you have the time.