By the end of 2018 millions of people across the country will have “Cut The Cable” and will be getting their television delivered through the internet (OTT/Over The  Top). They receive traditional television programming through platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, their computers, tablets, and even via game platforms.  :

• 63 million Cord-Cutters / Cord-Nevers

• 200 million OTT users

• 80 million HH with OTT subscriptions 


• Cost-effective, flexible solution for previously ‘unreachable’ audience
• Highly targetable to reach users anytime, anywhere
• Brand-safe, premium environment – a clean ecosystem
• Avoid ad blockers, bots, and below-the-fold
• High viewer engagement – video completion rates of 85%+!
• Mostly non-skippable inventory

Here are just a few of the benefits iCommotion can deliver through OTT Advertising:

Programmatic Platform Specializing in OTT Advertising

Target TV Like It’s Digital. Highly targetable to reach users anytime, anywhere

Experience iCommotion Custom Audience Targeting!

High viewer engagement – video completion rates of 85%+!

Unlike cable, satellite, or antenna delivery, OTT provides mostly non-skippable inventory

Proprietary Data and Analytics Available Through iCommotion

Re-Target users who have previously been served your CTV ad

OTT Attribution-Tracking: Identity, track, and report users who have seen YOUR CTV ad and then later gone to YOUR WEBSITE! Commotion Attribution-Tracking is similar to post-view conversion tracking. We capture the IP address of all devices that see your ad, and via the conversion-tracking tag placed on your site, we capture the IP address of any user who hits your site. We then cross-reference those IPs to determine those who both saw the OTT ad and then came to your site

iCommotion can economically create dynamic video content for your company to take advantage of the latest consumer needs


• Proprietary Data and Analytics Available Through iCommotion

• Includes Demographic and Consumer Attribute Data: 15-20 sub-segments strung together in “and” and “or”         formats

• Better Results: Deeper, more accurate targeting / Higher VCRs, CTRs and Interaction Rates vs standard data

We look forward to answering any questions you have about OTT and how your company can benefit from iCommotion’s industry-leading platform.




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