Do You Want to Discover The Secrets Of Successful Online Marketing For SMBs?

Do You Want to Discover The Secrets Of Successful Online Marketing For SMBs?

Do You Want to Discover The Secrets Of Successful Online Marketing For SMBs? 1


It is all too common that digital marketing agencies narrow their focus on only the trendiest marketing tactics. Everyone is buzzing about the latest feature of Snapchat or the newest geo-fencing technology. You see countless blog posts, social media posts and think-pieces hailing the next great thing in digital marketing.

What’s worse is that so many of these digital marketing companies then push their clients toward executing these “Tactics of the week” without a full understanding of what they can actually do for the client and the results they can deliver. It’s the marketing equivalent of throwing stuff up against a wall and seeing what sticks.

This method will undoubtedly leave you with disappointing results, and probably leave you asking why.

At icommotion, we don’t think that’s the way we should be doing business. Sure, we are always looking to innovate, and that requires a willingness to embrace the latest and greatest digital marketing tactics. Our first step in working with clients is to execute upon the proven, and too often neglected, FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS OF A CLIENT’S DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. Without these things properly set up, we don’t believe in spending dollar one for our clients. Here is just a few of those concepts to consider:

Technical aspects your website that can hurt SEO and conversions. Things as simple as page speed that are conversion killers and soon to be SEO hindrances. 

Are you capturing and analyzing data seamlessly through Google Analytics?

Do you have a consistent social presence and is it linked to your website?

Are you proactively interacting with website visitors to capture their email address? Emails are worth their weight in gold if utilized properly!

Do you have an automated marketing platform integrated with your website to communicate immediately when a prospect shares their email address?

How your keywords set up are and what SEO value have you created.

How often are you blogging and what is the quality level?

You see, there is much more that goes into a successful digital marketing campaign than just the flashy copy or the hottest new digital advertising concept. That’s all on the surface. Like an iceberg, most of what makes a digital marketing campaign truly effective is under the water, unseen until closely examined. Without essential FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS in place, your digital marketing campaign won’t produce the new business and increased profits you had envisioned.

That’s what separates icommotion from other digital marketing firms. Sure, we love the sizzle of the latest and greatest digital marketing trends, but we know what you really want is the steak. Our digital marketing strategies and tactics are built upon tireless research, proven concepts and the intuition of experts, not empty flair.

A Foundational Elements-First, Data-Driven Approach

A digital marketing campaign with icommotion always begins with research. We evaluate all of the elements of your digital footprint and identify the pain points and pitfalls customers may experience when interacting with your business.

We then compare our findings with your marketing goals and see what may be standing in the way of achieving these goals.  Too often we find that the underlying reasons that your digital marketing hasn’t been effective that the FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS OF YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT have been ignored or are in disarray.

Foundational Elements for the Ability to Analyze and Optimize

So with icommotion job-one is to set up your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT the right way so you achieve the highest ROI possible from every campaign you invest in. Plus we always take the time to install the foundational elements that allow us to track success before executing the campaign. These elements can be as simple as properly integrating Google Analytics into your website all the way to creating a dashboard customized to your marketing goals for specific parts of your digital marketing strategy. To us, having these key FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS in place are core to knowing when and what drove your customers to convert, and who those customers are.

Unfortunately, these steps are often omitted by even the most impressive sounding digital marketers. Once a business gets excited about the tactics of a campaign, it’s easy to get anxious to jump in and get started. But without those FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS in place, you won’t see the results you envisioned and won’t have the ability to optimize your efforts down the road.

It’s important to understand that no matter how great a digital marketing strategy and the campaign may be; it can always be improved and optimized. Sometimes that means tweaking the copy of an ad to improve click-through-rate, testing different email subject lines to get more opens, understanding better ways to present personalized messaging or adding new blogs and content to your website to rank for more keywords. Without those FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS to track what works and what doesn’t, optimization is nearly impossible.

The icommotion Difference

At iCommotion Digital Advisory, we understand why these FOUNDATIONAL ELEMENTS OF YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT are so important, and that guides everything we do for our clients. Only then do we build effective digital campaigns that collect data we can act upon, then use that data to improve results. It’s not always the flashiest strategy, but we know it gets our clients the best returns.

Interested in learning more about icommotion Digital Advisory and how we can build and execute a foundationally strong digital marketing strategy for you? You can reach Fritz Stahmer, Founder/Chief Digital Strategist, at 303-587-8939 or at

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Why Local Search Presence Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022

Why Local Search Presence Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022

Why Local Search Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022?

 Years ago business owners turned offline to promote their businesses. They used the Yellow Pages to get found and often bought ads in several different books. It was expensive, but essential to grow and survive. However, a strong internet focus is now a must for local businesses. Yellow Pages are now replaced with a strong presence in search engine directory local listings.

Local Search Optimization is the key to online success for a neighborhood or a local business in 2022.

” Near Me ” and “Voice” searches are what companies must dominate to win on a local level “Both Google and Bing have indicated that over 20% of all desktop search queries are local in nature and that somewhere around 50% of queries on mobile phones and tablets are local. These percentages will only increase in the coming years” (Moz).

And part of that search process is potential customers looking for reviews. If you don’t have a review management process as a local business, then you are probably losing business in a very stealth-like manner. 88% of consumers today read online reviews to determine the quality of local businesses.Why Local Search Presence Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022 5

Having seen all of these local search trends has caused us to refocus our search engine optimization efforts for local businesses in a dramatically different direction than traditional, technical SEO. We now offer local businesses the iCommotion Online Presence Management Dashboard

It provides a unique listings management process combined with a powerful reputation management platform. It will help a local business grow revenues by building a major consistent presence across the web! Click here for your local listing report and to learn more about our process.

We would be glad to send you additional information or set up a meeting to discuss how inexpensively you can embrace Local Search Optimization ( We’ll increase your search impressions and improve your search based new customer aquisition.

The Google Search Survival Guide

The Google Search Survival Guide

If businesses want to survive and thrive on Google, it is important to understand what drives Google Search and the direction Google is headed.

While Google has always strived to be the best search engine on the planet, this quickly escalated in 2011 when new competition entered the search engine market. Living with Google today doesn’t seem much different than in 2011, but for business owners, the devil is in the details.

In June 2009, Microsoft made the surprise announcement of their own search engine: Bing. Bing caught Google by surprise, sparking its determined effort to become so good and so complex that no other search engine could dethrone it as the search king.

Since 2011, Google has launched dozens of major algorithm changes that significantly impacted the quality of search results. Many algorithm changes have names and specific purposes including Panda, which penalizes websites for duplicate or low-quality content, and Penguin, which penalizes websites for low-quality inbound links. Since then, major updates are launched several times a year, helping Google display higher-quality search results and making it more difficult for those trying to cut corners to prosper.

In late 2015, Google confirmed RankBrain, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence system capable of extracting deep user behavior insights. RankBrain is a complex learning machine and a very good one. RankBrain can understand the content on your website, as well as the intention behind a user’s search query, but more importantly, it also understands how people react to the search results that Google presents.

What does this all mean? Google can understand the user experience on your website. Do the web site’s content and capability satisfy visitors? Do they like your website, or do they leave quickly and find a competitor’s site? Does your website load quickly and does it look good on a cell phone? These and other human factors are now a major part of your website’s ability to perform well on Google, all thanks to RankBrain. In Google’s eyes, may the best website win.

This investment in the user experience makes sense. Would people like Google if it delivered bad search results or slow websites or websites that look like they were built in 1990? Would you shop in a grocery store that was always filthy? How about dining in a restaurant that always had bad food or service? Google shouldn’t be any different, and thousands of Google algorithm changes, including RankBrain, ensure this doesn’t happen.

So what does a business need to do to survive on Google? Simple: you need to respect your website just as you would your storefront, your business cards, your brand and reputation. The internet is a serious marketing channel; Google is serious about delivering quality results and your website is the front door to all of it. Improvements will come from a place of honesty. Are competitor’s websites better than yours? Does your website have unique, quality content? Does it load quickly and is it aesthetically pleasing? Is it secure and will it function well on a mobile device? Businesses with sites designed as a quality resource for Google will be handsomely rewarded. Whereas, businesses with a minimal digital presence will see minimal results.

If you feel your website exceeds status quo and you work on it regularly, then we encourage you to keep up the good fight. However, if your website is not the best amongst your competitors, it’s time to take your digital presence seriously before Google makes you obsolete.

We understand this is a lot of info – Please let us know if we can clarify anything at