Why Local Search Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022?

 Years ago business owners turned offline to promote their businesses. They used the Yellow Pages to get found and often bought ads in several different books. It was expensive, but essential to grow and survive. However, a strong internet focus is now a must for local businesses. Yellow Pages are now replaced with a strong presence in search engine directory local listings.

Local Search Optimization is the key to online success for a neighborhood or a local business in 2022.

” Near Me ” and “Voice” searches are what companies must dominate to win on a local level “Both Google and Bing have indicated that over 20% of all desktop search queries are local in nature and that somewhere around 50% of queries on mobile phones and tablets are local. These percentages will only increase in the coming years” (Moz).

And part of that search process is potential customers looking for reviews. If you don’t have a review management process as a local business, then you are probably losing business in a very stealth-like manner. 88% of consumers today read online reviews to determine the quality of local businesses.Why Local Search Presence Replaces The Yellow Pages In 2022 1

Having seen all of these local search trends has caused us to refocus our search engine optimization efforts for local businesses in a dramatically different direction than traditional, technical SEO. We now offer local businesses the iCommotion Online Presence Management Dashboard

It provides a unique listings management process combined with a powerful reputation management platform. It will help a local business grow revenues by building a major consistent presence across the web! Click here for your local listing report and to learn more about our process.

We would be glad to send you additional information or set up a meeting to discuss how inexpensively you can embrace Local Search Optimization (Information@iCommotion.com). We’ll increase your search impressions and improve your search based new customer aquisition.