There are some SEO tactics that seem to withstand the test of time, while others come and go as ‘best practices’ change. One factor that has essentially never gone out of style is internal link building

In fact, it has become more important than ever to successful SEO strategies. Unfortunately, far too many people still ignore the importance of internal link building. Instead, they focus on external links. While those are important, too, internal link building has several benefits and can help you to rank higher in Google. 

Simply put, internal link building is the practice of using hyperlinks throughout your website that link one page to another. For example, you may have several links on your homepage that lead to other pages on your site. Or, you may have a blog post with hyperlinks back to specific pages. 

So, why does iCommotion consider internal link building such an essential SEO tactic? 

It Makes Your Site Easy to Navigate

If your website is difficult to navigate and understand, the average user will leave it in 10-20 seconds. That’s how long you have to make a first impression. 

Internal link building makes it easier to navigate your website by putting relevant information exactly where it needs to be. If a user is interested in learning more about a particular product, service, or piece of information, linking to it naturally within the context will be easier for them rather than searching for it elsewhere within your site. 

Internal Links Establish an Information Hierarchy

Just as external links help to establish authority, internal can do the same thing when it comes to how Google sees your site. Search engines need to be able to make their way through a crawlable link structure. 

That means they need to be able to browse all different pathways of your website clearly. So, don’t hide your link navigation. Internal linking makes it easier for search engine spiders to go from page to page and establish a hierarchy of information, which can help you to rank higher. 

They Spread Ranking Power/Link Equity Around Websites

Try to limit the amount of linking between the homepage and any other page on your site. It will be cleaner, easier to understand, and easier for the search engines

Doing so allows link equity to run through your website. What does that mean? It helps to increase the overall ranking power of each page, which is more beneficial if you’re trying to rank high in the SERPs. Certain links help to give value from one page to another, and search engines use that equity to boost a page’s ranking.

As you can see, internal link building is something that shouldn’t be ignored in your SEO strategy. If you’re unsure of how to make internal link building work for your site, contact iCommotion for more information, and we can help you to seamlessly introduce internal links into your site to help you rank higher and create a cleaner website.