SEO TRENDS 2022…..If you’re running a website, then you need to stay on top of the latest SEO trends. Knowing these trends are your best shot at getting your website to rank at the top! Don’t become lost with all those other websites listed on pages 2 and greater.

No one clicks on the second page of a search when looking for a website. So, if your website is landing on anything but the first page, it’s crucial that you continue reading below.

SEO Trends 2022- Four that you need to follow!

1. Mobile Device Optimization

First on our list is mobile device optimization. Let’s face it: More and more people are turning to their phones for quick internet access. Whether they’re searching for the best flatiron or looking for hotel reviews, everything can be done on a smartphone!

Here’s where it gets tricky. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile device use, then you’re risking losing a lot of viewers. Having a website that’s optimized for both SEO friendly web design and mobile use leads to Google recognizing it and ranking you higher.

2. Quality Video Content

The next trend on our list is high-quality video content. Quality video content is a great way to entertain and advertise. And because more people enjoy watching a video rather than reading information, having high-quality videos on your website helps your ranking.

To learn what people are searching for when they’re looking for videos related to your content, type in your keyword into YouTube’s search bar and see what other related search options it gives you. These related searches are the most common phrases that people are searching for related to your topic.

3. Conversational Keywords

Conversation keywords are simple; they’re words that people would use in a natural conversation. Why does this matter for SEO? Voice search is quickly becoming more popular.

That said, the way people are searching through voice search is much different than how they’d search using the keyboard. They use more conversational language when using voice search. To rank with this type of search, you’ll need to use conversational keywords.

Conversational keywords are more natural sounding and longer than keywords typed into a search. For example, when using voice search, someone might say, “what are the best restaurants near me?” When typing this search, someone might type, “best restaurants.”

Do Keep in mind that Google voice search queries with short answers (about 29 words).

4. Search Intent

As times are changing, so is SEO strategy. Keywords are no longer the only important factor when creating content that’ll rank high in a search. Search intent is becoming just as crucial for SEO as keywords.

This means that the content of your website must match what the person searching is looking for. Google wants to provide them with only the best results. To be one of these results, you’ll need to understand your keyword and how it’s used.

For example, if your keyword is “what are caster wheels,” this keyword should be linked to informational content.

Keep up with These SEO Trends!

When keeping a website up and running, it’s important that you also keep up with these four SEO trends of 2021. Technology, the internet, and SEO are constantly changing so always be sure to know the latest.

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