An owner of a successful small to medium-sized business once told me about his marketing efforts…”I wear 11 hats every day and the 12th is my marketing hat and it’s the one behind those boxes over there collecting dust. I never seem to find the time to put it on”. In similar SMB owner meetings since then, I discovered that this wasn’t unique to him. When people run an SMB, they do have to constantly be wearing multiple hats every day and it’s usually their marketing hat that rarely, if ever, gets put on. This leads to missed new customer opportunities and lost profitability! The challenge is that you will never know how much you’ve lost.

This is why the online presence of so many small to medium-sized businesses is extremely ineffective. And in addition to a lack of time, they are faced with the old adage of “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”. There are so many crucial details in creating an effective online presence that only an extremely knowledgeable professional online marketer would know. So even those SMB owners that do find time to work on their website and overall online presence, the result is still an online presence that is nowhere near optimized to maximize their business growth opportunity. Some of these issues are caused by lacking internet marketing knowledge, which only an exceptional digital marketing firm would provide, and some are created because most SMB owners will never be able to find the time to even do the basics each week.

Here is a small sample of what is needed for a small to medium-sized business to have an online presence that both drives new customer growth and nurtures their current customers to do more business with them:
1. A website that is designed for a great user experience. There are so many factors that go into this process. A perfect example is having all of your top 4-star and 5-star reviews from across the internet featured on your website. Many SMBs have no reviews or just quotes from 3-4 on their website. Research shows that featuring reviews on your website is an extremely important factor in converting site visitors to new customers.
2. Set up an automated email marketing platform so you can effectively offer website visitors an opportunity to receive marketing emails. We work with SMBs that have thousands of people signed up for marketing emails and their list continues to grow through this process. This can help turn prospects into customers and nurture current customers to do more business with you. Best yet this concept is not only effective but surprisingly inexpensive.
3. A Facebook posting strategy that follows Facebook’s algorithm. For SMBs with larger budgets, we also recommend combining an Instagram posting strategy with Facebook. By diligently following social platform algorithms our Social Marketing team creates effective posts that are optimized for post reach and engagement. Additionally, we implement tactics to grow their social media followers. This strategy will also help turn prospects into customers and nurture current customers to do more business with you.

It is exceptionally rare to find any SMB that has the knowledge and the time to consistently implement all of “the core online elements” needed to present a well-optimized and highly effective online presence. If you are interested in learning more about how iCommotion can be your partner in this process, we invite you to contact us to set up an exploratory initial meeting (