iCommotion delivers highly effective digital marketing strategies for businesses in the Denver area and across the US.

We offer a full complement of digital advertising tactics and digital marketing services to fit any sized business’s needs. 


   iCommotion believes in the power of combining complementary digital advertising tactics

to develop highly effective, omnipresent, strategic digital advertising campaigns. We create

website traffic, in-store sales, online sales, as well as powerful product or company branding.

The result is a strong, tangible return on investment.

Pay per Click-PPC


iCommotion’s team has some of the most in-depth knowledge of PPC in the industry. We have developed a complex platform to integrate all essential functions of a successful campaign.  So our campaigns instantly have factors integrated into them that others might take days to decide to take time to manually implement. We focus on factors beyond bid price to maximize your ROI. Based in Denver, Colorado, ICommotion provides AdWords/PPC management services throughout the Denver-metro region and the entire country.

Campaign optimization to provide you with a heightened level of profitability 

Your KPI’s will be achieved with PPC strategy that is both an Art and a Science! Icommotion’s ongoing optimizations of multiple factors and customer tracing methodologies improve results 

Managed keywords, keyword bids, time of day, the day of the week, location of prospect, ad copy, mobile vs. PC, to just name a small sampling of the variables we focus on in our unique process that better reaches your goals

AdWords Management Summary

PPC MANAGEMENT FEES – 15% of the monthly budget, minimum of $275/month. Discounts offered for larger, long-term budget commitments.

COMPANY INTERVIEW – Set goals, marketing objectives, budgets, etc.

WEBSITE EVALUATION – Understand the capabilities of the website, the best landing pages, & identification of possible sales conversion weaknesses.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – Selection of targeted keywords based on relevancy, demand, and competitiveness.

PPC ACCOUNT CREATION – Creation of organized, well structured PPC accounts, professionally crafted PPC Ads, proper targeting, and budgets.

CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN LAUNCH – A conservative, micro-managed launch to test the campaign. setup, website responsiveness, and overall process flow before implementing the full-launch.

CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION – Optimization encompassing dozens of variables including keywords, ads, bids, time of day, day of week, location of prospect, desktop vs. mobile and other impactful settings.

KEYWORD GROWTH – Identification of new, productive keywords and negative keywords to enable ongoing campaign expansion.

GEO-Targeting – We will focus your PPC campaigns to only reach people looking to do business in your community, whether you’re business is located in the Denver area, or anywhere in the US. ICommotion’s PPC Geo-targeting capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry.

Discover why all Pay Per Click campaigns are not created equal. Ask iCommotion to present you a PPC strategy that will increase your PPC ROI. Contact us at [email protected] or call at 303-955-6303