iCommotion delivers highly effective digital marketing strategies for businesses in the Denver area and across the US.

We offer a full complement of digital advertising tactics and digital marketing services to fit any sized business’s needs. 

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As A Small to Medium Sized Business Are You Searching For Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas? 

Discover The Best SMB Online Marketing For Revenue Growth!

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 Discover The Power of iCommotion’s Exclusive “Local Business Online Presence Optimization & Management Plan” 

1. Listing in the iCommotion Local Search Optimization dashboard: We seamlessly help local businesses get found online with real-time submissions to a combination of national, local, and niche business directories in our Data Amplifier Network. Our network includes data aggregators, data accelerators like Apple Maps, Google, Yelp and Facebook, data enhancers like Chamber of Commerce, Judy’s Book and Superpages, GPS accelerators, and a variety of vertical directories. PLUS EXCLUSIVE VOICE SEARCH TECHNOLOGY!

2. Integration with your website with our cutting edge voice search app: We will manage your business’ content on voice assistant devices powered by Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. This allows us to maintain the voice app content via a conversational content management system and make updates in real-time.

3. iCommotion Reputation Management Dashboard: Our technology provides businesses the ability to impact more new potentials customers than ever before.  94% of people searching for a product or service choose positively rated businesses over similar businesses because of their online reviews. Our platform increases your visibility online to make sure that new customers can find you and experience your excellent reputation for customer care. 

4. Search Engine Optimization for 10 keywords: Click here to learn about our highly successful process!

5. Social Media Posting: Our excellent social media team will develop a custom weekly posting cadence and create three unique Facebook and Google My Business posts weekly. Plus, each month, we will boost one post and run an ongoing Facebook “Like” campaign to grow your Facebook page following to more effective levels. Learn more about our social media team’s business growth philosophy.

6. Website Management and Optimization: This includes page speed optimization, plugin updates,  one content change a month (some services are only available for WordPress sites).

Our exclusive “Local Business Online Presence Optimization Plan” will create an impactful online footprint for your business that will help you grow your revenue. Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your current online footprint to discover all the opportunities for growing your business can take advantage of! We offer  The Power of iCommotion’s Exclusive “Local Business Online Presence Optimization Plan” at a special value plan price of only $950 per month. ICommotion delivers with the best SMB online marketing for impactful revenue growth!

iCommotion's Local Search Optimization Dashboard Helps Your Business To Stand Out From The Competition


iCommotion’s Local Search Presence Dashboard Helps Consumers Find Your Business More Easily By Creating Over 200 listings In Search Engine Business Directories Across the Internet. PLUS EXCLUSIVE VOICE SEARCH TECHNOLOGY!

Our dashboard creates the 3 key local search factors that Google stresses; Location Consistency, Relevance, and Prominence. Plus to help consumers choose you during their local searches, add on our iCommotion Reputation Management Dashboard to completely manage your reviews. Every business owner knows that a business’s reputation has to be strong to stand out from the competition. Make sure potential customers don’t just see great reviews, but they see them everywhere, including your website with our review posting widget!

Discover how iCommotion’s unique process increases your presence online with your best target customers.

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Boost Online Local Search Performance With Local Business Listings Across The Web with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Over 200 More

Increase Quality Website Traffic With iCommotion’s Unique Listings Management Process That Will Help Revenues By Building A Major Consistent Search Presence Across the Web.

Best Small to Medium Business Online Marketing for Impactful Revenue Growth! 2

Gain customers quickly through robust business listings on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and over 150 more. ICommotion’s API technology provides a direct connection to search engines where your potential customers are searching for your products and services.

We showcase your website on the industry’s most comprehensive network of 80+maps/GPS systems, apps, voice search, digital assistants, plus over 200 search engines. It is estimated that voice search will be over 50% of all searches by 2020. So our ability to connect you with the 5 major voice search platforms will a key to creating a truly effective local search presence. With more voice technology than ever and a growing number of “Near me” inquiries, your business will be on the cutting edge of the significant local search trends. So whether you’re located in the Denver area or anyplace in the US, having prominence in local business listings is a core element to your business’s success.

Discover how iCommotion can get local businesses found fast. Click Here to contact us for more information on our Local Search Presence Dashboard. 

Does Your Business Have a Review Management Strategy?

In today’s online world you must diligently monitor and manage your online reviews. ICommotion’s Reputation Management Dashboard provides one convenient way to see all your reviews in one place. This is so important to your business’s success because it’s not just showing up in searches that ends up driving revenue but how people perceive you when you show up! Reviews are often a core factor when choosing a business in “Near Me'” searches. So whether you’re located in the Denver area, or anyplace in the country, you want prospective customers to see positive reviews that inspire confidence to do business with you.

You must put the spotlight on your best reviews and reach out to the poor ones to rectify their issues. Don’t forget that 86% of consumers say that negative reviews influence their purchase choices. ICommotion can teach you how to respond to poor reviews.

Reviews are essential to influencing ready-to-buy customers to choose your business. Reviews give prospective customers an inside, yet authoritative look into previous customers’ experiences. They are not only critical to driving more business but also create a better online experience.


iCommotion’s review solution was uniquely developed to unlock the power of your location reviews. Our review solution provides you with an easy to use suite of tools to assist you in managing and optimizing your location reviews across the web. It lets you take advantage of the huge growth in “Near Me” searches.

Our review tool makes it easy to inspire customers to leave authentic reviews. 70% of consumers will leave a review if asked! To find out more about creating an effective review monitoring and management strategy, contact iCommotion Digital Advisory Services with our form at the top of the page.

Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers Can Drive New Customers With Industry Exclusive Tools

Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers need specialized tools for their uniquely competitive marketplace. ICommotion has tools developed specifically to your meet your industry’s needs to deliver new customers whether you’re in the Denver area, or anywhere in the US. 

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ICommotion’s exclusive Online Presence Management Dashboard delivers with the ability to showcase long-term information where people searching for your specialized services will most likely discover you!



iCommotion can provide you with highly targeted processes that will put your law firm or medical practice at a distinct competitive advantage versus your competition. 




For a demo industry-specific Local Search Optimization Dashboard solutions, contact iCommotion at 303-955-6303 or [email protected]  

Let iCommotion's Unique and Affordable "Local Business Online Presence Optimization Plan" Create A More Profitable Online Footprint For Your Business. It Will Effectively Drive New Revenues and Easily Allow You To Track Your Results!


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