iCommotion delivers highly effective digital marketing strategies for businesses in the Denver area and across the US.

We offer a full complement of digital advertising tactics and digital marketing services to fit any sized business’s needs. 

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iCommotion believes in the power of combining complimentary online advertising tactics to develop highly effective, omnipresent, strategic digital advertising campaigns. We create website traffic, in-store sales, online sales, as well as powerful product or company branding. The end result is strong, tangible return on investment.



Digital Advertising




ICommotion utilizes one of the industry’s leading Demand Side Platforms to create programmatic online advertisning strategies that people didn’t even dream about five years ago

Optimize message delivery by target your ideal audience with unparalleled accuracy, simplicity, and affordability. iCommotion can provide highly targeted and efficient campaigns focussed on where your best customers live, whether you’re located in our community of Highlands Ranch, the Denver area, or anywhere in the US.

Our unified programmatic adverting platform creates highly targeted campaigns from over 1 trillion data points 

Stop wasting money by spraying your message and start truly aiming it at the consumers most likely to want to do business with you!

Icommotion’s team can effectively deliver mobile, desktop, video, CTV and more. 

We economically create dynamic video content for your company to take advantage of the latest consumer needs

Deliver your message at the right time, at the right place and to your ideal target consumer through our DSP’s sophisticated geographic demographic, and context targeting

Target people way beyond age, sex, and income….we provide over an additional 200 data points beyond those traditional measures  

Many firms talk about Geo-Fencing or Hyper-Local GPS-based functionality, the difference is that our DSP has perfected it

Here are just a few of the innovative ways we can target for you:

Hyper-Local that truly target people from the sidewalks in to target people shopping at your competitors or at a special event

IP Address and Demographic targeting where all we need is an address to reach people where they work, play, and consume

OTT – iCommotion has industry leading Programmatic technology to reach TV viewers that have CUT THE CABLE. Digital Pin-Point Targeting plus attribution and retrageting. Unhead of ad view rates of over 85% (read below for more details) 

 Retargeting to continue to market to consumers who have already visited  your  website

Precise, Contextual Retargeting where we can deliver messaging that’s  relevant to where they went on your website 

 We combine our industry-leading technology and data with amazing creative to provide the end result you desire…Strong ROI

Of course, we start every relationship by having you set KPI’s, so we deliver analytics to those metrics

We optimize your campaigns in real-time to provide you with industry-leading performance

Would you like to discover the possibilities about what you thought was once impossible….contact iCommotion Digital Advisory today at [email protected] or at 303-955-6303



Millions of people across the country have “Cut The Cable” and are now getting their television delivered through the internet (CTV-OTT). They receive their tradition television programming through platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, their computers, tablets and even via game platforms. By the end of 2018, over 63 million people will be using CTV (Connected TV)/OTT (Over The Top)

Here are just a few of the benefits iCommotion can deliver through CONNECTED TV ADVERTISING:

Programmatic Platform Specializing in OTT

Target Connected TV Like It’s Digital. Highly targetable to reach users anytime, anywhere. Experience iCOMMOTION Custom Audience Targeting!

Re-target Site Visitors, Geo Conquest and Attribute Site Visitors in your OTT Campaigns. But How? We utilize the advanced technology of our cross-device ID graph to precisely map all of the devices

within a household to drive full funnel OTT campaign success!

High viewer engagement – video completion rates of 85%+!

Unlike cable, satellite or antenna delivery, Connected TV provides mostly non-skippable inventory

Proprietary Data and Analytics Available Through iCommotion

Re-Target users who have previously been served your CTV ad

CTV-OTT Attribution-Tracking: Identify, track, and report on users who have seen YOUR CTV ad and then later gone to YOUR WEBSITE!

Lets Talk Reporting…Is OTT digital? Is OTT TV advertising?  The answer is yes to both!  That’s why our reporting gives you all the information of both worlds.  Not only tracking Video Completion Rates

and Frequency but also tracking website visitors by households who have been exposed to your ads, time of day and day or week and more.  We also can track multiple ads for A/B testing your

creatives and audiences.

iCommotion can economically create dynamic video content for your company to take advantage of the latest consumer needs

Discover the best in CTV-OTT technology….contact iCommotion Digital Advisory Services today at [email protected] or at 303-955-6303


Social media is the fastest growing form of advertising because of it’s amazing efficiency and uniquely provides your company with the ability to communicate with people where they are talking to each other religiously online. 

Your business can become part of that conversation! Engaging in social media is the #1 thing people do on the internet

Increase your results through messaging that is interwoven into your social platforms with compelling, brand-compliant ads.

Provide potential customers with the easy opportunity to engage with you and even request information about special products or services

The most dynamic part of social media advertising is its unsurpassed ability to micro-target the most likely future customers for your company. This includes the ability to target your best potential customers that live within just within a few miles of your business, whether you’re located in our community of Highlands Ranch, the Denver area, or anywhere in the US. Geo targeting your social media campaigns is a core element to driving a strong return on investment.

Maximize your campaign results with Facebook’s

industry-leading data to efficiently hyper-targeting your campaign by age, income, location and personal interests. We can integrate Instagram and LinkedIn campaigns in a highly effective manner too!

Gain increased website exposure since social marketing also provides strong SEO value. If you’re not doing social adverting as the foundation of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on the most efficient way to create new sales and recruitment opportunities

With iCommotion’s social marketing and advertising team, you’ll be more effectively grow revenues through some of the most knowledgeable talent in the industry! To learn more about how we can create a highly targetted and effective social advertising strategy for your business, contact us at 303-955-6303 or [email protected]   



iCommotion’s team has some of the most in-depth knowledge of PPC in the industry. They have developed a complex platform to integrate all essential functions of a successful campaign.  So our campaigns instantly have factors integrated in that others might take days to decide to take time to manualy implement. We focus on factors beyond bid price to maximize your ROI. Based in Highlands Ranch, ICommotion provides AdWords PPC management services throughout the Denver-metro region and the entire country.

Campaign optimization to provide you with a heightened level of profitability 

Your KPI’s will be achieved with PPC strategy that is both an Art and a Science! Icommotion’s ongoing optimizations of multiple factors and customer tracing methodologies improve results 

Managed keywords, keyword bids, time of day, the day of the week, location of prospect, ad copy, mobile vs. PC, to just name a small sampling of the variables we focus on in our unique process that better reaches your goals

AdWords Management Summary

PPC MANAGEMENT FEES – 15% of the monthly budget, minimum of $200/month. Discounts offered for larger, long-term budget commitments.

COMPANY INTERVIEW – Set goals, marketing objectives, budgets, etc.

WEBSITE EVALUATION – Understand the capabilities of the website, the best landing pages, & identification of possible sales conversion weaknesses.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – Selection of targeted keywords based on relevancy, demand, and competitiveness.

PPC ACCOUNT CREATION – Creation of organized, well structured PPC accounts, professionally crafted PPC Ads, proper targeting, and budgets.

CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN LAUNCH – A conservative, micro-managed launch to test the campaign. setup, website responsiveness, and overall process flow before implementing the full-launch.

CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION – Optimization encompassing dozens of variables including keywords, ads, bids, time of day, day of week, location of prospect, desktop vs. mobile and other impactful settings.

KEYWORD GROWTH – Identification of new, productive keywords and negative keywords to enable ongoing campaign expansion.

GEO-Targeting – We will focus your PPC campaigns to only reach people looking to do business in your community, whether you’re business is located in our community of Highlands Ranch, the Denver area, or anywhere in the US. ICommotion’s PPC Geo-targeting capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry.

Discover why all Pay Per Click campaigns are not created equal. Ask iCommotion to present you a PPC strategy that will increase your PPC ROI. Contact us at [email protected] or call at 303-955-6303