iCommotion delivers highly effective digital marketing strategies for businesses in the Denver area and across the US.

We offer a full complement of digital advertising tactics and digital marketing services to fit any sized business’s needs. 

The Results-Driven Programmatic Display Advertising Services in Denver! 1

We design industry-leading Programmatic Display Ad Campaigns to create website

traffic, in-store sales, online sales, as well as powerful product or company branding.

The result is a strong, tangible return on investment!

Discover how your business will benefit from ourExclusive OmniPresent

Online Marketing Strategy”!

Our proprietary strategy delivers industry-leading engagement through

multi-tactic micro-targeting that drives fantastic cost-efficient results.

Plus your business will receive powerful long-term branding combined

with excellent business growth today.

Real Time Buying Platform



ICommotion utilizes one of the industry’s leading Demand Side Platforms to create programmatic strategies that people didn’t even dream about five years ago. Optimize message delivery by target your ideal audience with unparalleled accuracy, simplicity, and affordability. iCommotion can provide highly targeted and efficient campaigns focussed on where your best customers live, whether you’re located in our community of Highlands Ranch, the Denver area, or anywhere in the US.

Our unified programmatic adverting platform creates highly targeted campaigns from over 1 trillion data points 

Stop wasting money by spraying your message and start truly aiming it at the consumers most likely to want to do business with you!

Icommotion’s team can effectively deliver mobile, desktop, video, CTV, and more. 

We economically create dynamic video content for your company to take advantage of the latest consumer needs

Deliver your message at the right time, at the right place and to your ideal target consumer through our DSP’s sophisticated geographic demographic, and context targeting

Target people way beyond age, sex, and income….we provide over an additional 200 data points beyond those traditional measures  

Many firms talk about Geo-Fencing or Hyper-Local GPS-based functionality, the difference is that our DSP has perfected it!

Here are just a few of the innovative ways we can target for you


targeted advertising

Hyper-Local that truly target people from the sidewalks in to target people shopping at your competitors or a special event

IP Address and Demographic targeting where all we need is an address to reach people where they work, play, and consume

OTT – iCommotion has industry-leading Programmatic technology to reach TV viewers that have CUT THE CABLE. Digital Pin-Point Targeting plus attribution and retargeting. Unheard of ad view rates of over 85% (read below for more details) 

 Retargeting to continue to market to consumers who have already visited  your  website

Precise, Contextual Retargeting where we can deliver messaging that’s  relevant to where they went on your website 

 We combine our industry-leading technology and data with amazing creative to provide the result you desire…Strong ROI

Of course, we start every relationship by having you set KPI’s, so we deliver analytics to those metrics

We optimize your campaigns in real-time to provide you with industry-leading performance

Would you like to discover the possibilities about what you thought was once impossible….contact iCommotion Digital Advisory today at [email protected] or 303-955-6303