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How iCommotion Utilizes Sophisticated SEO Strategies and Technology Designed To Meet The Ever-Changing Search Engine Complexities In 2021



iCommotion understands that the challenges of gaining a strong search presence for your website have never been more difficult. As a leading SEO company in Denver, we firmly believe that your most important and least expensive website traffic should come from organic search. So how do you optimize this opportunity? iCommotion utilizes Search Engine Optimization strategies that combine a vast group of tactics. Our team of SEO experts constantly researches every facet of the ever-changing search landscape on an ongoing basis.

At iCommotion, we look beyond the buzz words like content that firms like to make the simple answer.  We never promise #1 rankings overnight and warn businesses to run when they hear of such promises being made. Developing a strong search presence is like growing a strong reputation in the community. It takes doing the same great things every day month after month! One major differentiator with our SEO process is how much work we put into month one. What most firms promise as their complete strategy often takes them months to implement. We pride ourselves on getting our SEO process off to a fast start by putting in so many extra hours of work in that first 30 days. By having this sense of urgency, ICommotion provides a faster and more significant early positive impact on your search presence. 




Some Of The Tactics That Makes Us Denver’s Powerful Results-Focused SEO Agency!

Our Search Engine Optimization process works because we don’t hang our hat on just whatever the hottest topic is in the search world. To start with we utilize some of the most sophisticated SEO technology available to do a deep-dive into all facets of your website. Here are just some of the tactics we provide our clients while delivering highly effective search engine optimization services.

High-Quality backlink building every month

In-Depth Internal Link Building

Recognize that in 2020 Semantic SEO must be an increasingly important focus


In-depth keyword/competition research to find the most effective set of keywords

Utilize Schema markup and content tactics to help you earn “Rich Snippets”. Position ZERO is the new #1

High-Quality Guest Posts and Broad Internet Re-Distribution

Integrate your website in Google Search Console  and use tools like Site Maps and data highlighting to put you front and center with Google

Understanding that Google’s Rank Brain is now one of the 3 most important factors in Google’s algorithm and that Click Through Rate and Dwell Time optimization must be part of our strategy

Analyze your keyword density and maximize your best opportunities

Ensure that your images have Alt Tags and descriptions

Make sure your Meta descriptions are compelling to drive Click-Through and that they match your page content for excellent user Experience

And best yet it works and we prove it by providing you with a monthly Keyword ranking Reports.


1. We grew a dental office in a highly competitive environment that had just 2 keywords in the top 10 out of 25 targeted. Our SEO team grew this to 17 in the top 10 in 12 months. Best yet out of the 17 keywords we had 30 URL’s ranking in the top 10! Plus 3 keywords now rank in those important top 3 positions. Their biggest keyword growth stories were in their most competitive keywords that had the greatest daily search volume. Their online visibility score grew from 34 to 82.

2. In 1 year our SEO team created a huge search footprint for a B2B services company. When we started their SEO work they were only getting 154 daily search impressions on Google. We did a major content update on their website and used a variety of other tactics to grow their daily Google search impressions to 6902!

3. One of our greatest SEO challenges was for a mortgage company that had a poor website with little content when we started working with them. Before even starting SEO we had to do a major redesign to their website. After 6 months of working with them to conceptualize what they wanted and adding SEO friendly content, we began our true SEO work. In the beginning, they were only getting about 50 daily Google search impressions and maybe a daily click occasionally. Please remember that the results we achieved were with a very small SEO budget and in a highly competitive industry. After a year they were getting 1000 daily Google search impressions and 5-10 clicks on search snippets to their website. These have produced tangible business. We have grown their targeted keywords from 10 to 18 as we added some new website pages. Originally they had no keywords even in the top 20. Today 11 out of their 18 keywords are in the top 10 (some less than 90 days targeted). Plus they have 2 keywords in those important top 3 positions!


Let iCommotion-the trusted SEO agency for small, medium, and large businesses- go to work on growing your organic search presence into a key revenue factor for your company. Fill out our contact form at the top of the page to request an in-depth complimentary SEO analysis of your website. Just provide us your URL and we will send you your report in 48-72 hours. If you desire to learn even more about our SEO services we will be happy to meet to review our findings with you. iCommotion is Denver’s #1 SEO Firm For Results and Service!



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The Power of Semantic SEO!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) had changed greatly with new algorithms and voice searches providing more than half the searches. So, at iCommotion, we are now focusing much more on SEMANTIC SEO to increase our clients search presence and drive more high-quality traffic to their websites.

We thank one of our favorite SEO industry icons, Brian Dean of Backlinko, for the following definition:

What Is Semantic SEO?

Semantic SEO is the practice of writing content search engine optimized around topics, not just individual keywords.

Why Is Semantic SEO Important?

Back in the day, Google evaluated a page’s topic based 100% on keywords. The process started to change with the Penguin algorithm. This algorithm altered how Google worked in a major way. Instead of only looking at keywords, they now read and understand a page’s overall topic. Yes, Google still looks for keywords. But they don’t rely on themSo instead of only scanning pages for keywords, they look for pages that cover the topic.

Publish “Topically Relevant” Content

Topically Relevant content is a fancy way is describing content that covers an entire topic in-depth.

Topically relevant content is now more important than just focusing on specific keywords because Google now shows nearly identical results for variations of the same keywords. Plus with voice search originating more than half of all searches, Google has had to focus on broader meanings.

So while iCommotion’s SEO team still researches keywords, creates high-quality backlinks, and works on cleaning up a website’s technical SEO footprint, we often find that it’s Relevant Content that is driving search presence growth.

Here’s a basic, but strong, case study for SEMANTIC SEO using relevant content. Recently we had a client in a highly competitive field that we researched and wrote relevant content for 6 key pages of their website. Within two days of inputting a new sitemap into Google Search Console, their daily search impressions went from 1100 to 1600+. That is the power of Semantic SEO with today’s search engine algorithms.

ICommotion has just invested in some very sophisticated SEO analysis technology. It is like an X-Ray machine for your website and its search presence. It provides a true deep dive for us to build on. So, if you’re interested in understanding your search presence and how to benefit through its optimization, let’s talk.


Frustrated With Your Slow Loading Website? It's Time You Stop Ignoring The Fact That Slow Page Loading Speed Chases Away A Lot Of Potential Customers. Discover The Incredible Difference In Working With A Results-Focused SEO Agency Like iCommotion Will Make In The Quality Of Your Online Presence With Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more!

Repeatedly Google is warning that slow page speeds will cause people loading your website to leave after waiting any longer than 3 seconds. On average local business websites load 10 seconds or slower. Google just reported that “even a 1-second delay in mobile load times can impact mobile conversions negatively by up to 20%. ICommotion offers two very effective and affordable solutions to help speed up your website’s loading times:

1. Mobile Speed Optimization: Optimize your client’s WordPress website and leverage Google’s mobile-first Indexing. The Mobile Optimization package leverages Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Speed Test to identify areas in your website needing improvement. Once problem areas have been identified, a one-time mobile optimization development will be performed, which will improve the mobile speed and friendliness of the site. This very affordable plan will provide you with a great ROI by keeping prospective customers from bouncing off your site before they’ve even looked!

2. “World-Class Website Hosting: We partner with a fantastic website hosting service that provides your site with unparalleled loading speed, the best in security, top of industry reliability and amazing 24-7 customer service. Their motto is… “Your Site is Slow…NEVER AGAIN! So often well-designed websites load slowly because you unknowingly have chosen an inferior website hosting service. Plus you can probably save money while getting “World-Class” website hosting. Our hosting service is currently offering special new user price plans starting at just $5.95 a month (annual billing). Contact iCommotion today for your free website loading speed analysis…. [email protected] Make today the day that your website stops chasing away great potential customers because your website is loading so slowly.